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10. The Forth Bridges

Top 10 ten places to visit in Scotland - Fife and St Andrews

The Forth Bridges

The highlight of Fife's south coast is one of Scotland's largest man-made structures, the impressive Forth Rail Bridge, which joins Fife at North Queensferry. Until the opening of the road bridge, this small fishing village was the northern landing point of the ferry from South Queensferry, but today everything in the village is literally overshadowed by the two great bridges, each about a mile and a half in length, which traverse the Firth of Forth at its narrowest point.
The cantilevered Forth Rail bridge, built from 1883 to 1890 by Sir John Fowler and Benjamin Baker, ranks among the supreme achievements of Victorian engineering, with some 50,000 tons of steel used in the construction of a design that manages to express grace as well as might. For the best panorama, make use of the pedestrian and cycle lane on the east side of the road bridge. 
Derived from American models, the suspension format chosen for the Forth Road Bridge alongside makes an interesting modern compliment to the older structure. Erected between 1958 and 1964, it finally killed off the 900 year old ferry, and now attracts such a heavy volume of traffic that a second road crossing is being considered. 
For some background to the construction of both bridges, head to the Forth Bridges Exhibition, occupying a couple of rooms tacked onto the modern Corus Hotel, accessed off the B981 road that leads from the A90 to North Queensferry, which has a series of storyboards, photographs, models and displays.
Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Address:
Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Trust
Queensferry Lodge Hotel (Corus Hotel)
St. Margaret’s Head
North Queensferry
KY11 1HP
Scotland, UK
Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Opening Times:
Please contact the Forth Bridges Visitor Centre for details.
Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Admission:
E This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Forth Bridges Visitor Centre location

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