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Top 100 places to visit in Scotland

2. Islay Whisky Distillery Tours

Top 10 ten places to visit in Scotland - Argyll

Isle of Islay Whisky Distillery Tours

Islay is famous for its distinctive tasting single malt whisky, which has a pungent peaty quality that is instantly recognizable. There are over eight sperate distilleries offering guided tours, each ending with the customary generous dram! They range from larger operations such as Ardbeg, which was bought by Glenmorangie in 1997, to farm based Kilchoman, which grows its own barley, and malts, distills and bottles its whisky all on one site.
Phone or visit websites for details of opening hours and tour times. Pre-booking for tours is advisable
Islay Whisky Distillery Tours 
Traditionally considered the saltiest, peatiest malt on Islay 
T +44 (0)1496 302244 
One of the few distilleries still doing its own malting and kilning 
T +44 (0)1496 810671 
The only independent distillery left on the island 
T +44 (0)1496 850190 
A characteristic Islay whisky from a small distillery open only a few months per year 
T +44 (0)1496 840646
A modern distillery with a lightly peaty malt and no-frills tours 
T +44 (0)1496 302760
Farm based, aiming to carry out the entire process on site, from growing barley to distilling 
T +44 (0)1496 850011
A classic all round Islay malt with lots of smoke and peat, located in a great setting 
T +44 (0)1496 302730
Another smoky, peaty malt in spectacular setting where you can see the malting and smell the peat kilns 
T +44 (0)1496 302418 

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Location of the Ardbeg Distillery, Isle of Islay

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