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2. Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Top 10 ten places to visit in Scotland - Aberdeenshire and Moray

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Situated on historic Shiprow, Aberdeen Maritime Museum combines a modern airy museum with the aged corridors of Provost Ross's House. The museum is an engrossing and imaginative tribute to Aberdeen's maritime traditions. 
Just inside the entrance are blackboards, computer readouts and barometers showing everything from the time of high tide to the current price of a barrel of crude oil. Suspended above the foyer and visible from five levels is a 27 ft high model of an oil rig, which, along with terrific views over the bustling harbour, serves as a constant reminder that Aberdeen's maritime links remain very much alive.
While large sections of the museum are devoted to North Sea oil and gas, the older industries of herring fishing, whaling and shipbuilding also have their place. Passeges lead into Provost Ross's House, where intricate ship's models and a variety of nautical paintings and drawings are on display.
Facilities include a museum shop and the licensed Leading Lights café.

Specialists and enthusiasts can search for information about the nearly 3,000 recorded ships built in Aberdeen on a website developed by the Museum. Visit Aberdeen Ships to see what objects relating to the ships are held at the museum.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum Address:
Aberdeen Maritime Museum 
AB11 5BY
Scotland, UK

Aberdeen Maritime Museum Opening Times:
Monday to Saturday, 10.00 am to 5.00pm 
Sunday, 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Aberdeen Maritime Museum Admission:

T  +44 (0)1224 337700

F  +44 (0)1224 213066
Aberdeen Maritime Museum location


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