Northern Ireland - Western County Down

Top 10 places

Top 100 places to visit in Northern Ireland

10. The Leganny Dolmen

Top 10 ten places to visit in Northern Ireland - Western County Down

The Leganny Dolmen

The Leganny dolmen is signposted from the village of Leitrim, three miles north of Castlewellan. Approaching the site you'll find yourself on narrow humped lanes, gradually ascending the southern edge of the Slieve Croob range, and feeling increasingly distant from modern realities.  

Dolmen are also known as 'Portal Tombs.' Dating from around 2500-2000 BC they consist of three or more sturdy upright boulders, dragged into position, on which an often bigger capstone was placed. This tripod like structure would then have a gallery tomb underneath.

Not too far away on the Castlewellan Road to the east is a welcome oasis, the Slieve Croob Inn, whose bistro style restaurant serves mouth watering meals. 

The Leganny Dolmen Address:
Off the B7, approximately 7 miles south of Dromara, signposted from Leitrim, Dromara and Castlewellan 

The Leganny Dolmen Admission:

The Leganny Dolmen Opening Times:
All year round
The Slieve Croob Inn
119 Clonvaraghan Road
Castlewellan, BT31 9LA
Northern Ireland, UK 
T +44 (0)28 4377 1412

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