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10. Chester Roman Amphitheatre

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Chester Roman Amphitheatre

The largest uncovered amphitheatre in the UK is the subject of a major archaeological project in a partnership between English Heritage and Chester City Council. It was constructed about 70AD by Roman Legion II Adiutrix and would have seated about 7000 spectators. It fell into disuse but was reinstated for a short time around 270 AD, possibly to celebrate a victory of the rebellious Britons, and was finally abandoned in the 4th Century AD.
The structure was only rediscovered in 1929 and in 1959 a new road was constructed around it. The excavation of the ampitheatre took place from 1960 - 1969. Only half the amphitheatre has been excavated as the other half has a listed building built over it. In the centre foundations of a wooden structure have been found which may have been a temporary stage where executions were held.
A funding application is currently underway to restore the nearby Grosvenor Park and enhance the Roman Ampitheatre as a visitor attraction.

Chester Roman Amphitheatre Address:
Chester Roman Amphitheatre
Vicars Lane
England, UK

Chester Roman Amphitheatre Opening Times:
All year round

Chester Roman Amphitheatre Admission:

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Chester Roman Ampitheatre location



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