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3. York City Walls Walk

Top 10 ten places to visit in North East England – York

York City Walls Walk

Originally built by the Romans as a defense against marauding British tribes, the York’s city walls have more miles intact than any other city in England. The Vikings repaired the walls from 867 onwards, and they were added to further during the medieval period. Impressive fortified gatehouses known as “Bars” puncuate your journey, which is about four and a half miles in total and takes you through the town and past rivers and countryside.

York Tourist Information Centre Address:   
Tourist Information Centre
De Grey Rooms
St. Leonard’s Place
York, YO1 7HB
England, UK

York City Walls Opening Times:    
Open every day from 8.00am to dusk except when there is a risk of ice resulting in slippery conditions
Closed on Christmas day

York City Walls Closing times:
These are the times when the closing process starts beginning at Fishergate Postern travelling anti-clockwise. This takes takes about one hour
January 3.30pm
February 4.30pm
March (up to the clocks changing) 5.30pm
March (after clocks changed) and April 7.30pm
May 8.00pm 
June to July 9.00pm 
August 8.00pm
September (start to mid) 7.00pm
September (mid to end) 6.00pm
October (upto the clocks changing) 5.00pm
October (after clocks changed), November and December 3.30pm


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York Tourist Information Centre location


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