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9. Wat Tyler Country Park and Sculpture Trail

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Wat Tyler Country Park and Sculpture Trail

Wat Tyler Country Park
Wat Tyler Country Park sits within the South Essex Marshes which are steeped in history from the earliest periods – a landscape created over many centuries through the interaction of human communities and the natural environment.
The Park shares the historical significance of the surrounding marsh area but it has a significant history in its own right.

The features of its landscape such as grazing meadows, ancient hedgerows, blast mounds, tidal waterways, sea walls and field boundaries are evidence of the way people used the area. There are also structures such as pill boxes, roadways, MoD buildings that all provide an insight into the history of the Park.

The Wat Tyler Centre
The Exhibition at the Wat Tyler Centre explores the park's history as an explosives factory and it's future as a public open space and natural habitat at the heart of developments in the Thames Gateway.

The Wat Tyler Sculpture Trail
Wat Tyler Sculpture Park is a great way to experience sculpture by a variety of artists. Check out the 'Sonic Marshmallows' that create a stunning acoustic experience: their shape focuses sound and allows people standing in front to hear each other’s whispers 60 metres over the pond that separates them.  

Wat Tyler Country Park and Sculpture Trail Address:               
Wat Tyler Country Park
Pitsea Hall Lane
SS16 4UH
England, UK

Opening Times:     
Daily, 9.00 am to dusk.
Wat Tyler Country Park and Sculpture Trail Admission:           

T +44 (0)1268 550088 
F +44(0)1268 581093
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